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Panorama Designer and safety films.

Ultimate in quality, appearance and performance, the Panorama line is known as the premier window film. The first choice for window film among architects, interior designers and refined homeowners.

Panorama window film maintains the light you love, while offering strong protection against interior fading, harsh glare and uncomfortable solar heat while maintaining an uncompromised view day or night.

Rejecting over 99% of ultraviolet light, Panorama not only helps preserve the color of your furnishings but is also an effective ultraviolet protectant for your skin.

Panorama is available in safety versions too with the same solar control benefits, yet constructed specifically to address your glass breakage concerns.

The Series

Hilite 70 – Advanced glass coatings for your home. Safe for virtually all window types. Clear, unaltered view, day or night. Provides ultimate fading protection. Extraordinary solar protection. Comprised of precious metals, such as silver and gold.

Sterling – Extraordinary solar energy rejection performance along with higher visible light transmission. Panorama Sterling allows in plenty of natural light, softening harsh light, balancing temperatures and maintaining a comfortable operation year-round.

Dual-Reflective – Slate and Bronze films. These films maintain your view with reduced interior and exterior reflectance, while increasing privacy by day. Exceptional solar energy rejection performance with a more neutral finish.

Safety & Security – Available only in the Sterling and Slate film series (4 and 8 Mil thickness).

All of the Panorama window films have a protective scratch resistant surface, block over 99% of ultraviolet light and significant levels of solar heat. Panorama is backed with some of the strongest warranty coverage in the industry. On commercial applications, Panorama has 12-year limited warranty product coverage, 3 year limited IG unit seal failure warranty and 5 year limited glass breakage coverage. Residential installations carry a limited lifetime warranty.