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Armorcoat Safety & Security Films

One product . . .many levels of protection

Strong, resilient film bonds to the interior side of windows, helping to keep broken glass safely in place upon impact.

High tensile polyester and ultra-strong mounting adhesives.

Available in clear and solar control versions and in thickness ranging from 4 to 14 Mil (100 to 350 microns).

Armorcoat films have passed intense government and consumer testing, and are approved by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

Architectural Safety Glazing Testing
CFR Title 16 CPSC Part 1201 Category I and II
ANSI Z 97.1 Unlimited
British Standard 6202 A, B and C
South African Bureau Standards 1263-2
Australian/New Zealand AS/NZ 2208
Ballistics Resistance
H.P. White Laboratory HP-TP-0500.02

Wind Loading/Pressure Resistance
ASTM E 330: National Certified Testing Laboratory

Wind Borne Debris
Miami-Dade County Protocol PA 201 and PA 203
Southern Building Code Congress, International (SBCCI) SSTD
12-99 100 MPH Wind Zone, Large Missile Impact and Cycling

Insulated Glass Testing
ASTM E-330 AND E-774

Toxicity/Combustion Hazard
New York State Uniform Fire Building Code Article #15: Part 1120

Burglar Resistance
ASTM-1233 – Level 1
German DIN 52-290 A1 Rating

Fire Resistance
ASTM E-84 – Smoke and Flame Spread Index
ASTM D-1929 – Ignition Characteristics

Puncture Resistance
ASTM D-4830

Blast Resistance
W.B.E. #817-001, ASTM F-1642

Reliable Blast Mitigation

When an explosion occurs, the force would push glass inward to the point of breaking, sending glass shatters flying throughout the room interior. Whether at the building itself or several miles away, an overpressure is created projecting glass particles at speeds up to 150 mph.

Armorcoat is flexible and able to stretch, it can absorb a significant degree of the shockwave from an explosion. Even though the glass breaks, the film is able to bend with the force of the wave. After it is pushed from the frame, the bond holds the broken glass shards to the film.

To increase the level of glass resilience, a specially designed sealant can be applied around the window perimeter, securing the film to the frame as well as the glass.

Defense Against Intruders

A broken window to a thief is an easy access to entry. Armorcoat’s ability to hold broken glass together after breaking, makes illegal access much more difficult and less likely to occur.

24-Hour Protection, 365 Days A Year

Disasters, Intruders and the sun.

Armorcoat’s Solar control versions provide additional sun-related benefits such as glare reduction and solar heat gain. Blocks nearly 100% of damaging ultraviolet light. Improve climate, comfort and energy efficiency. Deter intruders. Reinforce glass and minimize risk of airborne shattered glass... Provide around the clock protection.